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CMD Commands

CMD Commands

All CMD Commands are here. All the cmd commands you need. You can manage your computer with cmd commands. All you have to do is open cmd from your computer and write cmd commands.

calc.exe Opens the calculator.

diskmgmt.msc Opens disk management.

devmgmt.msc Opens the device manager.

dfrg.msc Opens the disk defragmenter.

eudcedit.exe Character can manufacture.

appwiz.cpl Opens Add and Remove Programs.

access.cpl Opens the accessibility options.

accwiz.exe Opens the Accessibility wizard.

desk.cpl Opens the display properties.

eventvwr.exe Opens the event viewer.

freecell.exe Opens the card game.

fsmgmt.msc Opens the Shared Folders menu.

hdwwiz.cpl Opens the add hardware wizard.

iexpress.exe opens the Setup program.

inetcpl.cpl Opens the Internet properties.

intl.cpl Opens the region and language settings.

joy.cpl Opens the game controls.

magnify.exe Opens Magnifier.

main.cpl Opens the mouse properties.

mmsys.cpl Opens the audio settings.

mspaint.exe opens the Paint program…
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Where Should I Start Coding

Where Should I Start Coding
The shortest answer to this question will be the Algorithm. You can start by learning the algorithm. It is very difficult to do coding without the algorithm. It is much more difficult if the program we are going to encode is large. So you can start programming by learning Algorithm.

With the algorithm you can build the logic of the program's work. You can code more easily when coding the program. You know how to proceed. Generally, C programming is taught first in schools. If your target is different, such as encode Android. Then you must proceed according to your goal. I like to learn Java and Kotlin.

Software Engineer Salaries in Turkey

Software Engineer Salaries in Turkey
Turkey is a developing country. The software industry is also developing slowly. According to states like Germany and the US, the software sector is far behind. So it is difficult for Software and Computer Engineers to find jobs in the Software industry. Companies require experience and a lot of software knowledge for their employees. So it is difficult to find work. In addition, salaries are very low compared to Europe and America. Turkey also starting a new business graduate Software Engineer 2000-2500 average salary is Turkish Lira. This is an average of $ 350-400.

Cmd Calculator Command

Cmd Calculator Command
We continue to learn cmd commands. In this article, we will see how to open the calculator with cmd command.

Here is the command;

calc.exe   => This command opens the calculator.

What is Cryptology

What is Cryptology
Cryptology comes from ancient Greek as words. Cryptology, in its most basic sense, is the science of code. It is based on the encryption of the texts according to a certain system and the receiver decoding this password according to a certain system. The main purpose is the confidentiality of information. Cryptology was used extensively during World War II. The Germans in particular benefited greatly from cryptology. The Enigma machine is an example.

Enigma Machine

Some Cryptology Techniques and Methods are as follows;

Caesar CipherAffine CipherHill CipherPublic Key Cryptology
TransportationSubstituonMonoalphabetic SubsititutionPolyalphabetic SubsititutionMultiple-Letter EncryptionSymmetric Key CipherStream CipherBlock CipherPublic Key Cryptology

Android N Life-Saving Feature

Android N Life-Saving Feature
Innovations in smart phones, which are now a part of our lives, continue to increase every day.
Google will soon release the latest version of Android N'e added a life-saving feature.
Pre-release "N Emergency Information Screen" in Android N was added.
By entering our personal and medical information, and still bringing the Emergency Information Screen active, the application offers us medical information.
On the other hand, in case of an emergency, the person who comes to your help receives this information through the application and receives information about the first aid that should be provided to you.

Great 9 CMD Command

Great 9 CMD Command
Let's take a look at the Windows command system.
How much we know and use CMD commands that we can do most of our work quickly and easily.
Now let's look at the 9 CMD command that will be useful.
To access the command system, just run and type cmd.

Assoc Command
If you do not know which file will open which program in our operating system, this command is for you.
You can find out by writing "assoc" to CMD.

Cipher Command
You can use this command if you want to delete all the data you have deleted on your computer.

Driverquery Command
You can see in which folder your drives are installed.

Ipconfig Command
You can use it to see the IP address your computer is currently using.

Ping Command
You can use it by typing a specific IP address or internet address.

It sends a serial test package to the specified address so that you can determine if the specified address communicates with your computer.

Netstat Command
You can see the devices connected to your comp…