What is Internet Topology

What is the working principle of the Internet.

What is Internet Topology

The way that an Internet subscribers watch the network until they reach the internete is like the picture.
By the user who wants to enter the Internet from his electronic device; Modem, Splitter, DSLAM, MPLS,SSG,DPI,Internet he follows his path.
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Data Recovery from Phone

How to recover data from broken or corrupted phone.

Data Recovery from Phone

It is possible to restore deleted data from mobile phones.

With the developing technology, we have started to carry all the data on our mobile phones with us. Carrying our data with us brings certain advantages but increases the risk of losing. Data recovery against the risk of data loss is of great importance. Sometimes we accidentally erased it. Sometimes we have data recovery programs for the data we regret after deleting. You can recover your data through free programs as well as paid programs. There are many data recovery programs on the Internet. If free programs do not work, you can get other programs by paying the license fee. Paid or free of charge for these programs on your phone or computer may help to recover data.

Remember to back up your short reminder data.
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What is VPN?

free vpn

What is VPN?

In short, we can say 'Freedom of our Internet'.

You may have heard of VPN (Virtual Private Network) before. We don't feel the need to use it. Today, however, it is a very useful practice against access barriers.

VPN A service that allows us to roam freely on the Internet by hiding our IP identity.
We have free and paid vpn applications for mobile and desktop.

There are many applications available free of charge, although there are some paid applications.
You can set up a VPN application on your computer or smartphone and surf the Internet without getting caught in internet restrictions.
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Website Hit Upgrade

website ranking

Website Hit Upgrade

We share tactics to increase the hit of your website. You can upgrade your site with these completely natural and forward-looking steps.

Blog and Web Site owners is a frequently heard question how can I increase my site's hit?

This site downloads jingling sites such as jingling publish programs, webmaster blogs site rankings are some of the methods to increase the site with tips and tricks. But unfortunately, this is not the job that will be with hit-boosting cheats with hit-increasing cheats. Let's say you've done it later? You won't be able to receive ads from Google AdSense, your most basic ad source, if your site already has AdSense ads, you'll be banned from your account and deprived of your advertising revenue. If you are willing to take this risk, of course, you are free to try, but if you want to do it properly, let us examine its paths now.

Article Increase

This is the most natural, basic hit boost method. You ask why? The main way of bringing organic traffic is search engines. The article is indexed in search engines (google, yandex, bing, yahoo, etc.) as you enter your site. As your index count increases, the possibility of your site being clicked on search engines increases and a natural traffic flow is provided. This will increase both your site's value and hit.

Increasing Hit by Social Media Sites

Another organic hit is social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.). On these sites, you can attract visitors to your site by sharing your site and the topics you enter into the site content.


If you want to have enough budget you can advertise your site to AdWords or various sites by advertising.
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How to Capture Pokemon Go Pikachu

pokemon go pikachu

How to Capture Pokemon Go Pikachu

Pokemon lovers are here with Pokemon GO how to capture Pikachu.

When we first started the game, Pikachu is not shown among the first options. But as the cartoon reminds us, Ash, the hero of our cartoon, couldn't take one of the other Pokemons because he was late to the professor in the first episode. And the remaining Pokemon Pikachu was given to him.

This is the way we follow. We don't buy any of the first Pokemon and we're on our way. Showing us the same Pokemon 3 times in a row. Pikachu is also among the Pokemon shown in the 4th round.

Now you can catch Pikachu.
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Desing Pattern

what is Desing Pattern

Desing Pattern

It is the designing of experiences from a very repetitive problem.

Pattern Description


Where this design pattern will work. What kind of building is taking place.


Which problems will be solved.


What are the things that push us in this design pattern.


What are the solutions we offer?

Antipattern (Optional)

Here are the mistakes to make.

Related Pattern (Optional)

What are patterns that resemble this design pattern.


Utilized resources.
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Oracle Database Table Authorization

oracle dba

Oracle Database Table Authorization

If you are having problems with Oracle Database you are trying to access with Toad for Oracle, you can try. Create a new administration and try to access it.

Here are the codes;
    FOR t IN (select OWNER,TABLE_NAME from dba_tables where owner  like '%HR%')
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON '|| t.owner ||'.' || t.table_name ||' TO Admin_Name';
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Creating a New SQL Database

sql lesson

Creating a New SQL Database

create database your database name

create table table name (

Type the column names and data types you want to create here.

Close the brackets after the last column and data type.)

For Exaple;

create table School (

StudentID varchar (4),
StudentFirstName varchar (12),
StudentLastName varchar (20),
StudentAddress varchar (40))

In this way you can create new database and table in sql.
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Bus Based Multiprocessor

bus based diagram

Bus Based Multiprocessor

Bus based multiprocessor consists of some number of CPUs all connected to a common bus, along with a memory module.
A simple configuration is to have a high speed backplane or motherboard into which CPU or memory cards can be inserted. A typical bus has 32 or 64 address lines, 32 or 64 data lines, and perhaps 32 or more control lines, all of which operate in parallel.

The problem with this scheme is that with as few as 4 or 5 CPUs , the bus will usually be overloaded and performance will drop drastically. The solution is to add the high speed cache memory between the CPUs and the bus as shown in the fig. The cache holds the most recently accessed words. All memory requests goes though the cache. If the word requested is in the cache, the cache itself responds to the CPU and no bus request is made. If the cache is large enough, the probability of success, called the hit rate, will be high and the amount of bus traffic per CPU will drop dramatically, allowing many more CPUs in the system.

However the introduction of cache also bring the serious problem with it suppose that two CPUs A and B each read the same word into their respective caches. Then A overwrites the word. When B next reads that word, it gets the old value from its cache, not the value A just wrote. The memory is now incoherent and the system is difficult to program.
One of the solution for it is to implement write-through cache and snoopy cache. In write through cache, cache memories are designed so that whenever a word is written to the cache, it is written through to memory as well. In addition, all caches constantly monitor the bus. Whenever a cache sees a write occurring to a memory address present in its cache, it either removes that entry from its cache or updates the cache entry with the new value. Such a cache is called snoopy cache. because it is always snooping on the bus.
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Friendship App Tinder Review

tinder match tactics

Friendship App Tinder Review

Tinder Application Review

Tinder's friendship / chat application.

Used frequently in Europe and America and more and more common every day, Tinder began to enter almost any phone.
The application is very simple to use Tinder application with scrolling or one-click operation.
Tinder, which is often touted as an adversary of marriage, often has short-term relationships, is growing every day, even though the continents of Asia and Africa do not show the expected spread.

Android and iOS Mobile Phones can be easily downloaded and used for free.

Of course there is also the Plus feature that offers more likes. Plus, you have to pay a fee.
Plus feature also offers features such as bringing back tastes and rejects, changing position.

How to match Tinder?

If the person you like likes you, the match will take place.
You have a better chance of match in America and Europe.
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Network Attached Storage-NAS

nas system

Network Attached Storage-NAS

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is the simplest definition; is a mini computer with processor, ram and operating system.

If there was no processor, ram and operating system in the NAS system, it would not be different from NAS's simple hard drive.

NAS's simple hard drive.

We can use NASs in our home, in our workplace, in our company in every part of our lives.
We can use movies, music, videos, photos, games and files for storage in our homes. We can access the NAS from the TV, PC, phone, tablet from the network we will install. In this way, we can do whatever we want with the device we want from anywhere in the house. We can watch movies on TV, play games from PC, access documents from our tablet. Many devices can access the NAS at the same time. On the other hand, we don't just have to stick to our local network. No matter where we are in the world, we can access the NAS. Our data, like a cloud network, is right next to us.

nas system of our data, like a cloud network

Companies can also make storage as in homes. Can back up data. A lot of employees can work on the same data at the same time.

Although NAS systems are cost-effective, they are very useful.
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Craps Game Code

c programming craps code

Craps Game Code

How to encode Craps Game with C Codes? 

Example code is as follows.

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Oracle Database Admin (DBA)

who is dba

Oracle Database Admin (DBA)

One of the world's most important databases Oracle and the world's leading companies are working with Oracle databases. Often the databases of huge companies are Oracle.

Oracle database admin, DBA with short name. Oracle databases have the most complex ones and international validity. Many databases are used internationally, but most database brands are used in small, medium or large sized businesses. Oracle is often used in very large companies.

DBA training is divided into 3 phases;

"Introduction to SQL" SQL database entry training is a must. The most basic training starts with SQL. Knowing SQL well is very important for DBA.

"Database Administration I" is Level 1 database training.

"Database Administration II" is Level 2 database training.

At the end of all these trainings there are exams. For Oracle DBA, it periodically holds the exams of these trainings. Documentation for these exams is also available free of charge on the Oracle website. However, as we mentioned, it is definitely a good English. Otherwise you do not have a good chance of being a good Oracle database admin.

What does an Oracle database admin (DBA) do?

what is dba

The Oracle database provides security. Which features connect to the database, who can authorize them to connect.

Who's doing what? Who is waiting for what, how and why.

By making the database of performance enhancing data, it makes the company work more efficiently.

It does calculations that are not so easy to do, such as setting up databases, calculating database sizes, and determining their type.

He's doing the backup. He makes sure that backups are in working order.
The upgrade process is also one of the Oracle database admin tasks.

It is not as simple as you might imagine, and you need to be aware of a lot of details, such as not crashing the upgrade while upgrading, and running backups in the new version.
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Cipher Command

cmd cipher Command

Cipher Command

When you delete any item on your computer, you don't really delete it.
Windows marks them as inaccessible and unloads them. These items can then be restored.

So what do you need to do to delete it completely. For this, it is useful to use the cipher command. Moreover, you can do this without damaging your other files.
You need to do what you want for it; first open the cmd command line and enter the cipher command. Just change the drive name for a different drive. For example, c, d, f, e etc.

For example C disk.

Just type "cipher / w: c".
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Screenplay Written by Artificial Intelligence: Sunspring

sunspring artificial intelligence

Screenplay Written by Artificial Intelligence: Sunspring

In the ongoing studies on what artificial intelligence can do, the developers shot a film scenario written by artificial intelligence so that people could have a better idea about artificial intelligence and presented it to technology enthusiasts.

The movie, starring Thomas Middledich, was put on video sharing site youtube via Ars Technica.

Although we encounter logic errors while watching the film, it will give us an idea of the point where artificial intelligence comes and will reach.

You can watch Sunspring short on YouTube.
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Things to Consider When Charging Your Mobile Phones

mobile phone charging

Things to Consider When Charging Your Mobile Phones

The charge of our Smart Mobile Phones is a problem in itself. Although new methods are found every day, they are still not completely solved. We still haven't survived to charge our phone with every charger we found.

A few researches give a few tips on how to charge your mobile phone.

Let's look at these clues together.

  • After the smartphones are charged, the phone prevents electricity from going into the battery and protects the battery. However, this stresses the battery and is not healthy for battery life. Therefore, it is useful to unplug your phone after it has been charged.
  • It is said that charging your mobile phone for a short time during the day is more useful than charging it for a long time. In this way, we prevent your battery from sleeping for a long time. The battery is said to be healthier. On the other hand, when the phone charge drops below 10% and 20%, it is better to charge it.
  • It is vital to prevent your mobile phone from overheating. Almost all of us deal with our phone while the phone is overcharging. This causes the phone to warm up more. Especially this summer. Overheating of our mobile phone; the battery swells, the screen yellow, the phone can cause small parts to burn. When our phone overheats, it will be beneficial for both the battery and the health of our mobile phone to remove it from the charger and help it cool down.
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WhatsApp 8 Hidden Features

whatsapp features

WhatsApp 8 Hidden Features

We use WhatsApp almost every day. We have a few tips for using WhatsApp, which is one of the indispensable features of our mobile phones.


Are there people you talk to often? Did you know that you can add a shortcut to your device's home screen to open the chat screen
Just open the chat, press the menu button, then tap "Add chat shortcut".


Are there a lot of photos from chat groups?
To prevent images from automatically downloading to your device, go to Settings> Data usage.

Under Automatic media download, deactivate when using Mobile data, connected to Wi-Fi, and Roaming.


Are you worried about forgetting something? You can use Seebye Scheduler ROOT on Android and download Message Scheduler for WhatsApp on iOS. You will need an Android with root or an iPhone with jailbreak.


Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is a frequently used function that prevents recipients from being aware of each other in emails.

You can activate a similar function in WhatsApp under Options> New post and select the contacts to whom you want to send your message. You'll be able to see who received your messages and send a private reply to everyone.


Your cell phone is using my other people except you.

There is a way to lock WhatsApp and keep prying eyes away. For this job, you need to take advantage of AppLock on Android and iApp Lock on iOS. The Android version of the app does not require root, while the iOS version requires a jailbreak device.


Are you a member of a group of family members or colleagues? There is no doubt that these groups work from time to time, but you probably get warnings about things that you probably won't be interested in most of the time. The problem is that if you leave the group, you should avoid breaking other members. But why would you always want to be warned about the "cute" things your cousin's new baby does?

To save yourself, open the chat you want to mute, then tap Options> Mute. Here you will find options such as silencing the conversation for eight hours, a week or a year. You can also turn off alerts from the group.


If you need to call an important phone number or email address, you can use WhatsApp's built-in calling function. Go to Options> Search and enter the phrase you're looking for.


Wouldn't it be more effective to keep the important messages ticked when they arrive, rather than hopelessly navigating the old messages? To do so, tap and hold the message you want to keep and tap the star icon that appears at the top of the screen. Messages that you have starred can be found in Options> Starred messages.
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Why Android Studio

android programme

Why Android Studio

Android Programming beginners often ask questions at the beginning with which program to start programming. We would like to help you choose a program.

There are 3 major programs for Android / Mobile Programming. These; Eclipse, Netbeans and Android Studio. Those who had already started Android Programming used Eclipse and Netbeans, mostly Eclipse. However, Google has developed its own Android Programming program with the support of alternative programs. Previously, Eclipse could also be done by downloading the Android SDK plug-in. Those who still want to write Eclipse de Android Program can still download this SDK from the Internet but not from other sites over the Internet. Although this is a choice for those who are accustomed to Eclipse, it will be better for those who are new to Android Programming to start writing code with Android Studio. Android Studio, powered by Google, will be a solid infrastructure for future technologies and will allow you to produce easier programs with a convenient interface.

That is why we will choose Android Studio.
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How to Format Iphone 5

iphone 5 hard reset

How to Format Iphone 5

Let's look at the Iphone 5 Format or Iphone 5 Hard Reset in 2 steps.

1. Cell your phone 'Home' and 'Power' keys at the same time press the screen 'off' even if you see the text do not click. Let the device shut itself down. Keep pressing until you close.

2. When you see the Apple icon, release your hand from the keys.

You have successfully started the Iphone 5 Format (Hard Reset) process.

NOTE: Remember to back up your personal information before format!
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How to Open Yandex Mail

yandex mail

How to Open Yandex Mail

Mail accounts when we think of a certain two names always come to mind. Some of these companies; google, microsoft and yandex.
Russian company Yandex entered the search engine market a few years ago and stands out with its mail service.

Yandex Mail does not require any unnecessary information like other mail services. Yandex Mail seems to be the most plausible mail service in recent days.
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Clash Of Clans Game Review

clash of clans tactics

Clash Of Clans Game Review

We continue to review the game. In this article we will look at the details of the popular mobile game Clash Of Clans.
First of all, let's specify where you can obtain the game. You can download the game from Google Play and Apple Store.

The game is about organizing, developing, fighting your village. An example of simple strategy games.
Gold, Stone, Elixir and raw materials for building your village.

clash of clans gold, stone, elixir, raw

The most annoying side in the game are construction times and builders. We can't get the builders that we can only buy with stones. Of course, the stones are taken with money except bonuses.
Construction times first find hours and then days, which is another annoying detail.

The internationality of the game is one of the interesting factors. You can find players from all over the world. You can do individual battles as well as clan battles and collective battles.

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How to Format with the Dos Command

dos command cmd

How to Format with the Dos Command

How to Format with Dos Command I needed to write a detailed article about it because I tried to format it with this method but I couldn't get a clear information. I want to briefly inform you from dos command. What is Dos? This is actually an operating system. It is possible to use Dos up to Windows 95 and nowadays become. When you open the Run window with the help of Win + R key, you will see a black screen when you type cmd and command command. Here you can do your work with the help of commands, of course, if we give this somewhat limited example, when you type the DIR command on the Dos screen, you can list the files in your current folder or directory. You can delete files with the Delete and Del command, of course Dos is a major issue, because you need to dwell on it.

Now, with the Dos command on our floppy disk, disk, usb memory format, I will give information about how to format it.

After opening the Run Window with the Win + R keypad, our Dos screen will appear. On this screen you will see C: \ User \ User name. You need to know the letter name of the partition you want to format on your computer. local disk c, local disk d, removable disk f here c, d, f whichever we need to know this letter.

My Dos Command: C: \ User \ User \ Format F: that is, I will enter the command F: format the drive and enter the steps and it will guide you through the steps.

  • When using the Format Command, we can use several commands.

    • C: \ Format f: This command will set Normal format.
    • C: \ Format f: / q Quick format
    • C: \ Format f: / s Uploading system files for boot-up format
    • C: \ Format f: / u Formats so that your disc does not return
    • C: \ Format f: / f: 540 Assigns by specifying the capacity of the disk
    • C: \ Unformat f: Recovers the disc in the wrong format.
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    How to Increase Alexa Ranking

    alexa rank tactics

    How to Increase Alexa Ranking

    Tactics, taking into account our tips and warnings you as soon as you can move your site up Alexa rankings.

    Ways to Increase Alexa Ranking

    Alexa is a ranking or rating system that site and blog owners frequently follow and care about for their site. Alexa, which shows your site's ranking in the world and in your country, the backlinks it receives, is one of the factors that are taken into consideration when buying and selling advertisements to your site. In this article, we will tell you about the ways to rise in Alexa.

     Here are some advice;

    • Entering Original Content
    • Long Stay on Your Site
    • Visitors Comment on Your Site
    • Sharing Your Site in Social Media Accounts
    • Sharing Your Site on Other Sites

    These recommendations and many other similar methods will allow your site to increase in Alexa rankings. If you continue to enter the original content in a stable way, you will ultimately get your money back.
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    Empires Dawn of the Modern World Review

    Empires Dawn of the Modern World Pc Games

    Empires Dawn of the Modern World Review

    This is the legendary strategy game Empires Dawn of the Modern World. Without further ado, we'll give you short notes and great information about the game. Don't go without reading these tips that will improve your game strategy.

    Type of Game: Strategy

    As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the genre of Empires Dawn of the Modern World is strategy. From ancient times to World War 2 you can start the game from any age. If you want to turn off the progress of the age you can only play the game you want. The last era in the game is World War II.

    In the game you need to multiply your people, develop your economy, develop military and various military vehicles. The maximum number of soldiers is 8,000. This is divided by the number of 8,000 players. For example, in a 2-player scenario, two players, 4,000, are given the limit of developing troops.

    Which countries are in the game ?: England, France, Korea, China, Germany, Russia

    Countries also change according to the ages. For example, while Germany and Russia disappeared in the early ages, then these countries are being opened. According to the age you have chosen, the states in that age are opening up.

    Difficulty Level: Medium and Difficult

    If you are playing against the computer you can adjust the difficulty of the game yourself. You can increase the difficulty level as much as you want. The game will also increase the difficulty level if you make the map selection larger. There are very large maps in the game. You have many options to select a map.

    Multi-player Play Option

    You can play Empires Dawn of the Modern World with your friends. Multiplayer option can be installed with your friends may be included in the game. Note that you must set up the network beforehand. You can set up your network locally via cable or you can set up your online network with various programs.
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