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How to Format with the Dos Command

dos command cmd

How to Format with the Dos Command

How to Format with Dos Command I needed to write a detailed article about it because I tried to format it with this method but I couldn't get a clear information. I want to briefly inform you from dos command. What is Dos? This is actually an operating system. It is possible to use Dos up to Windows 95 and nowadays become. When you open the Run window with the help of Win + R key, you will see a black screen when you type cmd and command command. Here you can do your work with the help of commands, of course, if we give this somewhat limited example, when you type the DIR command on the Dos screen, you can list the files in your current folder or directory. You can delete files with the Delete and Del command, of course Dos is a major issue, because you need to dwell on it.

Now, with the Dos command on our floppy disk, disk, usb memory format, I will give information about how to format it.

After opening the Run Window with the Win + R keypad, our Dos screen will appear. On this screen you will see C: \ User \ User name. You need to know the letter name of the partition you want to format on your computer. local disk c, local disk d, removable disk f here c, d, f whichever we need to know this letter.

My Dos Command: C: \ User \ User \ Format F: that is, I will enter the command F: format the drive and enter the steps and it will guide you through the steps.

  • When using the Format Command, we can use several commands.
    • C: \ Format f: This command will set Normal format.
    • C: \ Format f: / q Quick format
    • C: \ Format f: / s Uploading system files for boot-up format
    • C: \ Format f: / u Formats so that your disc does not return
    • C: \ Format f: / f: 540 Assigns by specifying the capacity of the disk
    • C: \ Unformat f: Recovers the disc in the wrong format.

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