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Oracle Database Admin (DBA)

who is dba

Oracle Database Admin (DBA)

One of the world's most important databases Oracle and the world's leading companies are working with Oracle databases. Often the databases of huge companies are Oracle.

Oracle database admin, DBA with short name. Oracle databases have the most complex ones and international validity. Many databases are used internationally, but most database brands are used in small, medium or large sized businesses. Oracle is often used in very large companies.

DBA training is divided into 3 phases;

"Introduction to SQL" SQL database entry training is a must. The most basic training starts with SQL. Knowing SQL well is very important for DBA.

"Database Administration I" is Level 1 database training.

"Database Administration II" is Level 2 database training.

At the end of all these trainings there are exams. For Oracle DBA, it periodically holds the exams of these trainings. Documentation for these exams is also available free of charge on the Oracle website. However, as we mentioned, it is definitely a good English. Otherwise you do not have a good chance of being a good Oracle database admin.

What does an Oracle database admin (DBA) do?

what is dba

The Oracle database provides security. Which features connect to the database, who can authorize them to connect.

Who's doing what? Who is waiting for what, how and why.

By making the database of performance enhancing data, it makes the company work more efficiently.

It does calculations that are not so easy to do, such as setting up databases, calculating database sizes, and determining their type.

He's doing the backup. He makes sure that backups are in working order.
The upgrade process is also one of the Oracle database admin tasks.

It is not as simple as you might imagine, and you need to be aware of a lot of details, such as not crashing the upgrade while upgrading, and running backups in the new version.

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