Android N Life-Saving Feature

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Android N Life-Saving Feature

Innovations in smart phones, which are now a part of our lives, continue to increase every day.
Google will soon release the latest version of Android N'e added a life-saving feature.
Pre-release "N Emergency Information Screen" in Android N was added.
By entering our personal and medical information, and still bringing the Emergency Information Screen active, the application offers us medical information.
On the other hand, in case of an emergency, the person who comes to your help receives this information through the application and receives information about the first aid that should be provided to you.
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Great 9 CMD Command

cmd commands

Great 9 CMD Command

Let's take a look at the Windows command system.
How much we know and use CMD commands that we can do most of our work quickly and easily.
Now let's look at the 9 CMD command that will be useful.
To access the command system, just run and type cmd.

Assoc Command

If you do not know which file will open which program in our operating system, this command is for you.
You can find out by writing "assoc" to CMD.

Cipher Command

You can use this command if you want to delete all the data you have deleted on your computer.

Driverquery Command

You can see in which folder your drives are installed.

Ipconfig Command

You can use it to see the IP address your computer is currently using.

Ping Command

You can use it by typing a specific IP address or internet address.

It sends a serial test package to the specified address so that you can determine if the specified address communicates with your computer.

Netstat Command

You can see the devices connected to your computer.

Pathping Command

You can think of it as an advanced version of the ping command. You can use it when there are multiple routers between you and the connection.

Powercfg Command

With this command, you can see how much energy your system consumes.

Tracert Command

Functions similar to the pathping command. You can see the connections between your computer and the destination.
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New Feature on Youtube

youtube feature

New Feature on Youtube

Youtube mobile phone users to renew their applications is not content.
In order to increase its own profit margin is going to a new application.
YouTube ads will no longer be skipped. Ads that were previously skipped after 5 seconds will no longer be skipped and we will have to watch to the end of the ad.
Will we do this in all ads or wait and see in specific videos.
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WhatsApp Reaches 100 Million Calls per Day

whatsapp call

WhatsApp Reaches 100 Million Calls per Day

The popular messaging app WhatsApp announces that it reaches 100 Million voice calls per day.
This is a new record for WhatsApp with 1 Billion users.

The application, which has become very popular with free messaging and voice talk, is likely to end GSM companies in the future.
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Computer Engineering Internship

internship engineering

Computer Engineering Internship

As in other engineering departments, internship is also very important for Computer Engineering. These internships are usually carried out in classes 2 and 3 of the university. Occasionally, internships are also offered in the 4th grade. My opinion is that the most productive internship classes are in grades 4 and 3. Because students in the 3rd and 4th grades have more knowledge about their departments. They should have more knowledge advantage for internship. In this way they can pass a more efficient internship period. Institutions that have been internship also have a bit of knowledge to understand what has been done. Therefore, the term to be internship is well chosen.

Why is it important to do an internship?

The internship is important to understand the department and the business that we will do, to recognize the sector. We understand the working conditions when doing the internship. We are familiar with the software and hardware industry. We learn from the books that we learned are real. This is very important. So we have an idea about what we can do when we graduate.

We must do our internships absolutely. A good internship can be a preparation for a good future.
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Types And Variables C#

Types And Variables C#

We wrote our first code. We printed the 'Hello World' statement, which is standardized in the introduction to coding.

namespace TypesAndVariables
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

In the code Console.Readline (); for black screen to close immediately. The program waits for the user to press a key to close.
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Differences between Char and Varchar

char and varchar

Differences between Char and Varchar

The main differences between Char and Varchar are;

-Two of the fields used to hold text in database applications are Char and Varchar.

-The char datatype can hold data from 0 to 255 characters.

-Varchar can store data close to 65 characters.

-If you have defined a Char for a field, the minimum value in that field, but the maximum value is stored, the size does not change.

-If you use varchar, it takes up as much space as you store.

-The CHAR (10) and Varchar (10) fields take up space in different sizes.

-Char is known as a constant length data type, Varchar is known as a variable length data type.

-If the field variable you are holding will use varchar, it will be suitable for performance.

-Char and Varchar storage areas do not support Unicode characters.
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Opening a File in a Linux Terminal

linux terminal file

Opening a File in a Linux Terminal

Linux for the file path in the terminal; cd the file name you are looking for

To open a file, use the gedit command in vi.
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SQL User Creation

sql role

SQL User Creation

Role and Authorization

User Creation


Enter the username you want instead of the username. Enter the desired password instead of the password.

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What is Software Developer

software developer

What is Software Developer

The software developer is the person who designs, maintains and updates the software systems within the framework of engineering principles. The software development specialist develops products using the required computer programs, software, codes.

  • Talking and working with users to understand user needs related to software,
  • To follow the software processes closely,
  • To understand the system requirements related to software,
  • To prepare the designs needed in the software,
  • Write or correct necessary codes for the application,
  • Testing software for which it is responsible,
  • To assist in the preparation of necessary training documents,
  • Training software consultants who will provide training to end users if necessary,
  • Preparing design documents.

Software developers can graduate from other universities as well as graduate programs. Basically you don't need to be a university graduate to become a software developer. However, especially for the start-ups, the corporate firms want a university degree. The graduates of Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Engineer are usually employed in the software industry. What they do most of the time is software development.
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What is Software Engineering

 how to software engineering

What is Software Engineering?

-There are economies based on the writing of developed economies.

-Software Engineering also looks at the theory of software.

-It also deals with software management.

-Generally, the software cost is more than the hardware cost.

-Today, hardware investments are made according to software.

-Modern software knowledge emerged in the 1940s.

-The system is designed.

-Generic: They are generic designs.
 Bespoke: The customer is a special design.

-What is a Software process?
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TCP / IP Model

what tcp ip

TCP / IP Model

It is located on layers 3 and 4 of the 7-layer OSI architecture. These layers are Network and Transport layers. It's like the architectural picture.
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Computer Science Salary

what is computer scientist salary

Computer Science Salary

Computer Science Salary has always been the subject of curiosity. Many young people who want to study computer science ask for salary before starting university. We have investigated the salary of Computer Science, which is called the profession of the future.

Of course, salaries vary from country to country. One of the most important factors here is the development rate of technology in countries. Salaries are higher in developed countries. The higher the technology, the higher the salaries. Computer Science is directly proportional to technology. So many computer scientists like to go to developed countries.

In Western Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, salaries are quite high. Salaries are low in countries such as Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Of course there are exceptions.
 Today, a newly graduated Computer Scientist can earn $ 100,000 in the United States (excluding bonuses). In Asian countries such as Turkey, this ratio drops to $ 5,000. (The currency in countries is written in dollars.) It can earn 8,000-9,000 dollars per year in Europe. Salaries variable. In Asia and Africa, the currency value is low, so you earn in dollars. low. To give an example Turkey in the monthly minimum wage to 2,000 Turkish Lira. 2,000 Turkish Lira equivalent to 350-400 dollars (in January 2019).

Computer Science is a profession with a wide range of possibilities. There is need in every country. There is a need for this profession in many sectors. The demand for the profession is increasing every year. As demand increases, it increases in competition. With the increase in competition, salaries are increasing. Today, salaries in areas like Silicon Valley are quite high. These areas are very special.
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What is HTTP




• PROTOCOL: A protocol is a standard procedure for defining and regulating communication. For example: TCP, UDP, HTTP etc.

• HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

• The HTTP is the Web’s application-layer protocol for transferring various forms of data between server and client like plaintext, hypertext, image, videos and sounds.


• HTTP is implemented in two programs: a client program and a server program, executing on different end systems, talk to each other by exchanging HTTP messages.

• The HTTP client first initiates a TCP connection with the server. Once the connection is established, the browser and the server processes access TCP through their socket interfaces.
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SQL Query Commands

sql command

SQL Query Commands

Structured Query Language (SQL) structured query language is known as the standard programming language for database management systems.

CREATE TABLE: Provides the creation of a new table, fields and indexes.
CREATE INDEX: Allows creation of (index) for a specified table.
DROP TABLE: Deletes the specified table and indexes from the database.
ALTER TABLE: Allows you to add new fields to the table or modify field definitions.

SELECT: Selects the records in the table according to a specified measure.
INSERT: Provides the insertion of a new record into the records in the table.
UPDATE: Used to update the fields of a specified record of the table.
DELETE: Tablodan causes the specified records to be deleted.

FROM :They define what table is to be questioned.
WHERE : Defines the criteria to be used during the query.
GROUP BY :Groups the records by the specified area.
HAVING :Each group defines the criteria that must be followed.
CONSTRAINT :It allows the index definition and association with another table.
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What is Tor Browser?

how to work tor browser

What is Tor Browser?

Tor is a software project that provides communication by hiding the real identities of users who have "The Onion Routing". Tor is used for many purposes, both legal and illegal. Tor provides internet browsing, instant messaging and instant messaging. It is also used to criticize state officials, access censored information, and organize political activities.

Tor Browser is the service that protects your privacy by masking who you are and where you connect from. It is run by volunteers. Tor Browser also protects you against the Tor network itself at the same time; so you can be confident that it protects your anonymity against other Tor users.

Tor Browser works similar to other internet browsers. Internet browsers are programs that you use to view internet pages. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are examples. However, unlike other internet browsers, Tor Browser makes your internet traffic flow through Tor, making it hard for people who follow your sites to determine your location and work to monitor your internet traffic.

History of Tor Project

The Tor project began in 1995 at the US Naval Research Laboratory, by Paul Syverson, Micheal Reed and David Goldschlog, to protect online intelligence information of secret services. Since the project started for military and intelligence purposes, there was no intention in the target. He was only masking military personnel and intelligence. As a result of the slow progress of the Tor project, in 2002 the Tor project was transferred to two doctoral students, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson at MIT. In the following years, they worked with Paul Syverson on this trio Tor project. As the work progressed, it made sure that this project only made it more difficult to protect agents that were intended for military purposes. For this reason, the network has begun to work in order to reach this network not only for military purposes, but for wider masses. First, the Tor project was separated from the Naval War Studies Laboratory and designed to be used by everyone later. The purpose here is to increase the number of users and to make it easier to hide. In 2004 Tor was licensed open source. When the project was open source, EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation) took over the project. Tor was abandoned because it was a military project in his early days. In the following years, support for this project has increased. Currently, 4,300 individual sponsors, excluding corporate sponsors, support the Tor project.

Tor Work Structure

Tor runs onion routing logic from anonymous network structures. When sending a request to a web site via Tor, requests are sent over at least 5 servers. The request is evaluated by the first server, then forwarded to the second server. The second server then evaluates the request and forwards it to the third server. All of these operations will continue until you access the site you request. Your information will be encrypted when this happens. Each server information you because you go through a lot of that server sending encrypted connection and the passing of each server connection entry is done to find out which would be almost impossible. This increases reliability. It offers a slower connection speed than connecting via regular google, as it provides connectivity over many server paths in terms of speed. Tor Browser is mozilla firefox clone. Thanks to the fact that Firefox is an open source project, it is able to protect you from NSA monitoring to a large extent. TR is very difficult and laborious to reach users on the network because they reflect more Internet traffic through volunteer servers from 4b makes it impossible to have your position and your data. If you want to be one of these volunteer hosts.

How can I download Tor Browser?

You can download the Tor Browser from your own site, or you can install Mozilla Firefox as an add-on.
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The Software Process

software procecess

The Software Process

-A good software process results in good software.
-A good software process reduces risks.

Feasibility and Planning ⇨  Requirements
                                              Implementation    ⇒     Operation and Maintenance

specificatin design

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SQL Commands

sql training

SQL All Commands


We are telling all SQL commands. As a result, you can have basic knowledge about SQL and database queries.

We will touch on creating tables, querying data, adding data to tables, mathematical operations, column concatenation, and other SQL topics.

--   Used to add comment lines.


create database ... (You must enter the name of the database you want to create in the dotted area.)


create table ...  (You should write your own table name in the dotted area.)

For Example;

create table School (                 --Table Name
StudentNumber varchar (4),      --Column name (Our data type varchar)
StudentName varchar (12),        --Column name (Our data type varchar)
StudentSurname varchar (20))   --Column name (Our data type varchar)

When we create our table we open the parentheses and insert the columns into the parentheses. We need to specify the data type of each column. We have to put a comma after each column.


We use the alter command to add a new column to the table we created.

For Example;

alter table School add StudentNote varchar(50)

If you want to add more than one field, we put a comma in it.


alter table ... alter column ... smallint (You can specify the type of data you want.)

For Example;

alter table School alter column Note smallint


The drop command is used to delete the table.

drop table ... (You must enter the table name in the dotted area.)


alter table ...(Here's the table name.)  drop column ... (Here's the column name.)

For Example;

alter table School drop column Note


The truncate command is used to delete the data without deleting the table.

truncate table ... (Here's the table name.)

For Example;

truncate table School
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DNS (Domain Name System)

what is dns

DNS (Domain Name System)

We human beings can be identified in many ways. For example, we can be identified by the names that appear on our birth certificates. We can be identified by our driver’s license numbers. Just as humans can be identified in many ways ,so too can Internet hosts.Hostnames (such as are mnemonic and are therefore appreciated by humans. Hostnames can consist of variable-length alphanumeric characters, they would be difficult to process by routers.For these reasons, hosts are also identified by so-called IP addresses.

An IP address consists of four bytes and has a rigid hierarchical structure. An IP address looks like, where each period separates one of the bytes expressed in decimal notation from 0 to 255.

People prefer the more mnemonic hostname identifier, while routers prefer fixed-length, hierarchically structured IP addresses. In order to reconcile these preferences, we need a directory service that translates hostnames to IP addresses. This is the main task of the Internet’s domain name system (DNS).

The DNS is a distributed database implemented in a hierarchy of DNS servers, and an application-layer protocol that allows hosts to query the distributed database.DNS consists of name servers and resolvers.

We will focus on the hostname-to-IP-address translation service. DNS in the user’s host then takes over, sending a query message into the network. All DNS query and reply messages are sent within UDP datagrams to port 53. DNS in the user’s host receives a DNS reply message that provides the desired mapping. This mapping is then passed to the invoking application. Thus, from the perspective of the invoking application in the user’s host, DNS is a black box providing a simple, straightforward translation service.

There are three classes of DNS servers (root DNS servers, top-level domain (TLD) DNS servers, and authoritative DNS servers) organized in a hierarchy.

Suppose a DNS client wants to determine the IP address for the hostname To a first approximation, the following events will take place. The client first contacts one of the root servers, which returns IP addresses for TLD servers for the top-level domain com. The client then contacts one of these TLD servers, which returns the IP address of an authoritative server for Finally, the client contacts one of the authoritative servers for, which returns the IP address for the hostname

1- Root DNS servers : In the Internet there are 13 root DNS servers (labeled A through M).Although we have referred to each of the 13 root DNS servers as if it were a single server,each “server” is actually a network of replicated servers,for both security and reliability purposes.

2- Top-level domain (TLD) servers : These servers are responsible for top-level domains such as com, org, net, edu, and gov, and all of the country top-level domains such as uk, fr, ca, and jp.

3- Authoritative DNS servers. Every organization with publicly accessible hosts (such as Web servers and mail servers) on the Internet must provide publicly accessible DNS records that map the names of those hosts to IP addresses. An organization’s authoritative DNS server houses these DNS records. An organization can choose to implement its own authoritative DNS server to hold these records; alternatively, the organization can pay to have these records stored in an authoritative DNS server of some service provider. Most universities and large companies implement and maintain their own primary and secondary (backup) authoritative DNS server.
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The Most Dangerous Virus for Android

Andorid news

The Most Dangerous Virus for Android

The most dangerous virus found in Android devices can be found.

Android-based smartphone, and whenever we need to go into the Google Play store. That's where the danger begins. Third party applications involve great risks.
A virus called "Godless Virus" takes over your phone and can do anything you want. And you never notice it.

The virus, which has been thought to have infected 850,000 mobile phones so far, is mostly seen in India and Asian countries.
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3 Dollar Phone Coming

cheap phone freedom 251

3 Dollar Phone Coming

If you are complaining about the expensive smart phones of big companies, this news is for you.

Our news is from India. The Indian-based company listened to the voice of people complaining about expensive phone prices and took a step to produce cheap phones. And it's not a simple device. There is a minimum level of every feature inside the phone. The phone is called 'Freedom 251'.

Let's talk about some of its features.

It works with the Android Lollipop operating system, with a 4-inch screen, a 3 MP front camera and a 3.2 MP rear camera. It offers 8GB of storage. Allowing extra memory, the phone has 32GB of memory with external additions.

As for price, the phone will be sold for about $ 3.74.
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IP Distribution Institutions

IP institutions by region

IP Distribution Institutions

There are various agencies distributing IP on the world. These institutions distribute IP according to their regions. IP distribution agencies map is like the picture.

-ARIN Service Region

-LACNIC Service Region

-RIPE NCC Service Region

-APNIC Service Region
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Relational Algebra - Basic Operators

relational algebra

Relational Algebra - Basic Operators

We are examining the basic operators used in Relational Algebra.

selection,projection,join diagram

Select: It's a selection operator.

Project: We can think of projecting one or more columns and lighting it.

Union: The merge operator.

Set Difference: Gets the difference between two clusters.

Cartesion Product: It makes cartesian product among the sets.

Rename: Renames associations. Used to change names.

Other operators:  Set Interseciton / Natural Join / Divison / Aggregate / Outher Join   
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What is Relational Algebra

Relational Algebra key super key primary key

What is Relational Algebra


A table is a property that expresses any value.


It is the ability to define a line by combining any feature or multiple features.

For Example:

Let's be a customer table. This is our table; Find the name, address and age of the client. Which one of these is enough to describe the whole picture? There can not be two customers in the same address. If we have such an acceptance; the customer's name and address are used together. This is a superkey. We can add the customer's age here. This defines the table. To define the table, we need unique combinations.

Candidate key

The candidate is the key. It can not be divided into a smaller superkey.

For Example:

The customer name and address is a superkey. At the same time, this is a Candidate key. Customer name and address can not be divided into a smaller superkey. This is a candidate key because it can not be divided.

Primary key

We choose one of the candidate keys. This is the super key we chose. Superkey and Candidate key tables are also given. But we choose Primary key.
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What is ARPANET Project

the birth of the internet - arpanet

What is ARPANET Project

ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) is the world's first packet distribution network developed by ARPA (Unit of Advanced Defense Research Projects) affiliated to the United States Department of Defense and is the pioneer of universal Internet.

The first thoughts about a computer network that allows many computer users to communicate with each other were published in August 1962 by Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN), J.C.R. Licklider introduced the concept of "Galaxy Network". All the features that the Internet has today are determined during this study.
Today, packet distribution, seen as the worldwide dominant base of data and voice communications, functions as a new and important concept in data communications. Prior to that, data communication was based on circuit distribution. In this method, which resembles old telephone circuits, it was impossible for one end of the phone to communicate with someone else on the other end of the line until the end of the talk time.
In order to be able to communicate with multiple machines using a single communication line, a system in a package distribution method had to be divided into small pieces and then arranged in packages. The link can be shared on this vantage point (as if several letters were sent to different destinations from a single post office) and each package could be sent independently of the other packages.
arpanet map

(Arpanet logical map March 1977)

A package delivery method developed by Larry Roberts of the Lincoln Laboratory scientists is the basis for the design of ARPANET.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, packet-switched networks such as ARPANET, NPL network, CYCLADES, Merit Network, Tymnet and Telenet were developed using a variety of communication protocols. Donald Davies was the first person in the UK's National Physics Laboratory to turn packet switched network theory into practice by setting up a packet-switched network, a first in its class in the world. This work was a touchstone for the next 20 years of work in the UK itself.
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