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Differences between Char and Varchar

char and varchar

Differences between Char and Varchar

The main differences between Char and Varchar are;

-Two of the fields used to hold text in database applications are Char and Varchar.

-The char datatype can hold data from 0 to 255 characters.

-Varchar can store data close to 65 characters.

-If you have defined a Char for a field, the minimum value in that field, but the maximum value is stored, the size does not change.

-If you use varchar, it takes up as much space as you store.

-The CHAR (10) and Varchar (10) fields take up space in different sizes.

-Char is known as a constant length data type, Varchar is known as a variable length data type.

-If the field variable you are holding will use varchar, it will be suitable for performance.

-Char and Varchar storage areas do not support Unicode characters.

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