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Great 9 CMD Command

cmd commands

Great 9 CMD Command

Let's take a look at the Windows command system.
How much we know and use CMD commands that we can do most of our work quickly and easily.
Now let's look at the 9 CMD command that will be useful.
To access the command system, just run and type cmd.

Assoc Command

If you do not know which file will open which program in our operating system, this command is for you.
You can find out by writing "assoc" to CMD.

Cipher Command

You can use this command if you want to delete all the data you have deleted on your computer.

Driverquery Command

You can see in which folder your drives are installed.

Ipconfig Command

You can use it to see the IP address your computer is currently using.

Ping Command

You can use it by typing a specific IP address or internet address.

It sends a serial test package to the specified address so that you can determine if the specified address communicates with your computer.

Netstat Command

You can see the devices connected to your computer.

Pathping Command

You can think of it as an advanced version of the ping command. You can use it when there are multiple routers between you and the connection.

Powercfg Command

With this command, you can see how much energy your system consumes.

Tracert Command

Functions similar to the pathping command. You can see the connections between your computer and the destination.


  1. This is good. I like it. Cipher command is very useful.

  2. I know cmd is very useful.


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