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SQL Query Commands

sql command

SQL Query Commands

Structured Query Language (SQL) structured query language is known as the standard programming language for database management systems.

CREATE TABLE: Provides the creation of a new table, fields and indexes.
CREATE INDEX: Allows creation of (index) for a specified table.
DROP TABLE: Deletes the specified table and indexes from the database.
ALTER TABLE: Allows you to add new fields to the table or modify field definitions.

SELECT: Selects the records in the table according to a specified measure.
INSERT: Provides the insertion of a new record into the records in the table.
UPDATE: Used to update the fields of a specified record of the table.
DELETE: Tablodan causes the specified records to be deleted.

FROM :They define what table is to be questioned.
WHERE : Defines the criteria to be used during the query.
GROUP BY :Groups the records by the specified area.
HAVING :Each group defines the criteria that must be followed.
CONSTRAINT :It allows the index definition and association with another table.

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