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What is Software Developer

software developer

What is Software Developer

The software developer is the person who designs, maintains and updates the software systems within the framework of engineering principles. The software development specialist develops products using the required computer programs, software, codes.

  • Talking and working with users to understand user needs related to software,
  • To follow the software processes closely,
  • To understand the system requirements related to software,
  • To prepare the designs needed in the software,
  • Write or correct necessary codes for the application,
  • Testing software for which it is responsible,
  • To assist in the preparation of necessary training documents,
  • Training software consultants who will provide training to end users if necessary,
  • Preparing design documents.

Software developers can graduate from other universities as well as graduate programs. Basically you don't need to be a university graduate to become a software developer. However, especially for the start-ups, the corporate firms want a university degree. The graduates of Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Engineer are usually employed in the software industry. What they do most of the time is software development.

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