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What is Tor Browser?

how to work tor browser

What is Tor Browser?

Tor is a software project that provides communication by hiding the real identities of users who have "The Onion Routing". Tor is used for many purposes, both legal and illegal. Tor provides internet browsing, instant messaging and instant messaging. It is also used to criticize state officials, access censored information, and organize political activities.

Tor Browser is the service that protects your privacy by masking who you are and where you connect from. It is run by volunteers. Tor Browser also protects you against the Tor network itself at the same time; so you can be confident that it protects your anonymity against other Tor users.

Tor Browser works similar to other internet browsers. Internet browsers are programs that you use to view internet pages. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are examples. However, unlike other internet browsers, Tor Browser makes your internet traffic flow through Tor, making it hard for people who follow your sites to determine your location and work to monitor your internet traffic.

History of Tor Project

The Tor project began in 1995 at the US Naval Research Laboratory, by Paul Syverson, Micheal Reed and David Goldschlog, to protect online intelligence information of secret services. Since the project started for military and intelligence purposes, there was no intention in the target. He was only masking military personnel and intelligence. As a result of the slow progress of the Tor project, in 2002 the Tor project was transferred to two doctoral students, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson at MIT. In the following years, they worked with Paul Syverson on this trio Tor project. As the work progressed, it made sure that this project only made it more difficult to protect agents that were intended for military purposes. For this reason, the network has begun to work in order to reach this network not only for military purposes, but for wider masses. First, the Tor project was separated from the Naval War Studies Laboratory and designed to be used by everyone later. The purpose here is to increase the number of users and to make it easier to hide. In 2004 Tor was licensed open source. When the project was open source, EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation) took over the project. Tor was abandoned because it was a military project in his early days. In the following years, support for this project has increased. Currently, 4,300 individual sponsors, excluding corporate sponsors, support the Tor project.

Tor Work Structure

Tor runs onion routing logic from anonymous network structures. When sending a request to a web site via Tor, requests are sent over at least 5 servers. The request is evaluated by the first server, then forwarded to the second server. The second server then evaluates the request and forwards it to the third server. All of these operations will continue until you access the site you request. Your information will be encrypted when this happens. Each server information you because you go through a lot of that server sending encrypted connection and the passing of each server connection entry is done to find out which would be almost impossible. This increases reliability. It offers a slower connection speed than connecting via regular google, as it provides connectivity over many server paths in terms of speed. Tor Browser is mozilla firefox clone. Thanks to the fact that Firefox is an open source project, it is able to protect you from NSA monitoring to a large extent. TR is very difficult and laborious to reach users on the network because they reflect more Internet traffic through volunteer servers from 4b makes it impossible to have your position and your data. If you want to be one of these volunteer hosts.

How can I download Tor Browser?

You can download the Tor Browser from your own site, or you can install Mozilla Firefox as an add-on.

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  1. I love Tor browser. Actually, I don't know how to use it. It remains a little slow in daily use. But it's nice to be anonymous.


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