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CMD Commands

all cmd commands

CMD Commands

All CMD Commands are here. All the cmd commands you need. You can manage your computer with cmd commands. All you have to do is open cmd from your computer and write cmd commands.

calc.exe Opens the calculator.

diskmgmt.msc Opens disk management.

devmgmt.msc Opens the device manager.

dfrg.msc Opens the disk defragmenter.

eudcedit.exe Character can manufacture.

appwiz.cpl Opens Add and Remove Programs.

access.cpl Opens the accessibility options.

accwiz.exe Opens the Accessibility wizard.

desk.cpl Opens the display properties.

eventvwr.exe Opens the event viewer.

freecell.exe Opens the card game.

fsmgmt.msc Opens the Shared Folders menu.

hdwwiz.cpl Opens the add hardware wizard.

iexpress.exe opens the Setup program.

inetcpl.cpl Opens the Internet properties.

intl.cpl Opens the region and language settings.

joy.cpl Opens the game controls.

magnify.exe Opens Magnifier.

main.cpl Opens the mouse properties.

mmsys.cpl Opens the audio settings.

mspaint.exe opens the Paint program.

narrator.exe opens the English screen reader.

ntbackup.exe Opens the backup wizard.

nusrmgr.cpl Opens user accounts.

osk.exe Opens the on-screen keyboard.

telnet.exe Opens telnet.

spider.exe Paper opens the game.

gpedit.msc Opens a group policy.

msconfig.exe Opens the system settings.

verifier.exe Opens the driver monitor.

drwtsn32.exe Opens the problem recognition tool.

dxdiag.exe allows you to learn your version of DirectX.

mobsync.exe Provides synchronization.

mplay32.exe opens a very simple version of Media Player.

odbcad32.exe Allows database processing.

packager.exe Opens the object packager.

perfmon.exe Opens the system monitor.

progman.exe Opens the desktop manager.

rasphone.exe Opens the access book.

shrpubw.exe Opens network sharing information.

sigverif.exe Opens the signature checker.

sysedit.exe Opens the system administrator.

syskey.exe Password opens the database.

sndrec32.exe Opens the voice recorder.

timedate.cpl Opens the date setting window.

tourstart.exe starts the Windows XP tour.

winchat.exe opens the chat program in Windows.

winmine.exe Opens the Minesweeper game.

write.exe opens WordPad.

wupdmgr.exe Opens the Windows Update window.

explorer.exe Opens Windows Explorer.

powercfg.cpl Opens power options.

rasphone.exe Opens network connections.

regedt32.exe opens the Windows Registry Editor.

regedit.exe opens the Windows Registry Editor.

sndvol32.exe Allows you to adjust the audio settings.

notepad.exe Opens the notebook.

taskmgr.exe Opens the task manager

compmgmt.msc Opens computer management.

clipbrd.exe Opens the clipboard processor.

cleanmgr.exe Opens the disk cleaner.

ciadv.msc Opens the directory manager.

charmap.exe Allows you to set characters

appwiz.cpl .... Add / Remove Programs

desk.cpl ...... Display Properties

hdwwiz.cpl .... Add Hardware Control Panel Applet

inetcpl.cpl ... Internet Control Panel

main.cpl ...... Mouse Properties

mmsys.cpl ..... Sound and Audio

powercfg.cpl..Power Options

sysdm.cpl ..... System Properties

timedate.cpl..Time and Date Properties

wuaucpl.cpl ... Automatic Updates Control Panel

File Name System Tool

wscui.cpl Windows XP Firewall

comexp.msc Component Services

regedit.exe Registry Editor

cleanmgr.exe Disk Cleanup

compmgmt.msc Computer Management

certmgr.msc Certificates

devmgmt.msc Device Manager

eventvwr.msc Event Viewer

gpedit.msc Group Policy

ntmsmgr.msc Removable Storage

services.msc Services

cmd.exe Dos Command Line

taskmgr.exe Windows Task Manager

dxdiag.exe DirectX Diagnostic Tool

diskmgmt.msc Disk Management

ciadv.msc Indexing Service

dfrg.msc Disk Defragmenter

fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders

lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups

perfmon.msc Performance

secpol.msc Local Security policy

Quick access to system tools

narrator.exe: Audio reader.

logon.exe: Windows open short shutdown.

eudcedit.exe: Font generator

nslookup.exe: Find the IP address of the actual connection.

shrpubw.exe: To create a shared folder.

syskey.exe: Windows encryption (note that once you enter the password, you cannot disable it again)

C: \\ WINDOWS \\ system32 \\ tsshutdn.exe: Shuts down the system in 60 seconds.

C: \\ WINDOWS \\ system32 \\ webfldrs: Deletes dialogs in the system.

C: \\ WINDOWS \\ system32 \\ attrib.exe: .dll .exe .inf etc. in the system. extension

speak files files.

netstat -n: Display Addresses and Port Numbers Numerically
netstat -an: Shows the IP address of the other person when receiving a file.

netstat -a: Shows all Connections and Listening Ports.

netstat -b: Indicates the Executable File Associated with Each Connection or Listening Port.

netstat -e: Displays Ethernet Statistics.

netstat -o: Shows the Owner Process ID associated with each Connection.

netstat -p: Indicates Protocol Links.

netstat -r: Shows the Routing Table.

netstat -s: Shows Statistics for each Protocol.

compmgmt.msc - Computer Manager

devmgmt.msc - Device Manager

diskmgmt.msc - Disk Manager

dfrg.msc - Defragmentation

eventvwr.msc - Event Viewer

fsmgmt.msc - Shared Files

gpedit.msc - Group Policies

lusrmgr.msc - Local Users and Groups

perfmon.msc - Performance Monitor

rsop.msc - Policy Results

secpol.msc - Local Security Settings

services.msc - Various Services

msconfig - Sytem Information Services

regedit - - Registry Editor

msinfo32 - System info

sysedit - System form Editor

win.ini - Windows Installation Information

winver - Current Windows Version
receiver View

cmd - Run command line

Add Program Remove / control appwiz.cpl

Date Time properties / control timedate.cpl

Display properties / control desk.cpl

Quick find / control findfast.cpl

Fonts / control fonts

Internet Features / control inetcpl.cpl

Keyboard properties / control main.cpl keyboard

Mouse Properties / control main.cpl

Multimedia Features / control mmsys.cpl

Network Features / control netcpl.cpl

Password properties / control password.cpl

Printer / control printers

Sound Properties / control mmsys.cpl sounds

System Features / control sysdm.cpl

ing ip ===> Test the connection by sending and receiving small data packets to the other computer in ip

ping -a -n ip ===> Test the amount of data packets next to the -n parameter.

pathping ===> This command checks if the data passing through the routers is lost.

ipconfig ===> shows the ip address of the computer on the network.

ipconfig / all ===> shows the ip address of the computer on the network and many extras.

ipconfig / all> ege.t.t ===> assigns all spilled information into the ege.txt file.

ipconfig / release ===> release computer ip from network

ipconfig / renew ===> refreshes the ip of the computer on the network. first during the renewal process? release? , then? renew? The process is applied

ipconfig / registerdns ===> Used to register the computer name and ip in DNS.

ipconfig / flushdns ===> Deletes information about the name and ip address mapping that DNS clients hold in their cache memory, freeing cache memory (used to solve problems)

ipconfig / displaydns ===> If the computer you are using is also a DNS client, it will display the IP addresses and their DNS names in the DNS Cache.

arp -a ===> indicates the ip resolution in cache. cache clears itself if there is no new ip analysis in 2 minutes. If it is renewed within 2 minutes, it is kept for 10 more minutes.

arp -s 00-02-44-12-24-name ===> In ip resolution, the ip computer that is given the ip mac? mac? address. cache also remains permanently, not deleted

net use ===> shows the maps on the computer.

net use h: \ client \ client98 \ client c maps the 98 C of the computer to H.

net use h: \\\\ \\ c $ ===> ipsi maps the secret admin sharin h of the given computer.

net use / delete h: ===> h Deletes mapped drive.

net use lpt1: \\ ibm / persistent ===> Provides a permanent printer connection.

netstat ===> shows connections to the computer.

nbtstat ===> Enables the display of NetBIOS API-related data on TCP / IP.

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