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Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors algorithms

Google Ranking Factors

What you need to do to go up in Google rankings is simple. In this article, we will examine the google ranking factors. We will give you a few simple tips. Now let's move on to our article.

Entering original content is important

You cannot stand out without entering original content. You cannot rise in the ranking. When Google spider crawls your site, it doesn't feature your site if it contains duplicate content. So be careful to enter original content.

Article must be at least 300 words

This does not apply to all posts. But it is a fact that short articles do not stand out in google. Do not enter long and meaningless articles. Don't let your articles be too short. Visitors entering your site should spend time on your site. Bounce rate should drop. The longer the visitor remains on your site, the better. Pay attention to the article content.

Keyword should be included in the article

Pass keywords related to the article in the article. For example, a keyword should pass once in every paragraph or once in every 100 words. This is a useful tactic. Pay attention to the keyword or keywords.

Include pictures and videos

Pictures and videos are interesting for visitors and google loves these sites. So don't forget to include pictures and videos in your article.

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In this article, we talked about google ranking factor and google ranking algorithm.

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