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Engineerwork.Net Privacy Policy

At www.engineerwork.net/, we respect your privacy and strive to ensure that you do so during your time on our site. Definitions regarding the security of your personal information are explained below and presented to your information. If you have any questions about the contract, please do not hesitate to mail to tytykssinavsistemi@gmail.com.

As www.engineerwork.net/, privacy of our visitors is one of our priorities.

Use of Cookies

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small files that are saved by your computer's internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) and stored at the request of the web browser. This way your browser remembers you and saves your browser history.

Cookies may remain on your computer for a short time or for years as long as your browser is open. Our site cannot access cookies not specified by this site.

Cookie Usage

This site uses cookies in the following areas:

During registration and registration of member settings. With this option, your session, language and style settings on the site are saved and remembered.
Analytical Purposes. This option saves the users who use the site and how they use it.
Use of Cookies for Advertising (by third parties). If this site creates ad slots, the site may use cookies to see the pages visitors visit, similar pages, and usage habits. These cookies may be created by third parties. In this case, this site cannot access any read and write cookies.
For sharing purposes of third sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These cookies are usually generated independently by these sites. In this case, our site is impossible to reach these cookies.

Removing / Disabling Cookies

The management and settings of cookies must be adjusted in your browser's option / feature settings. Learn how to do this in popular browsers from the following list:

Internet Explorer
External Links

The site www.engineerwork.net, due to the nature of the Internet links to many different internet addresses. www.engineerwork.net is not responsible for the content or privacy principles of the sites to which it links and promotes banners. The linking process referred to herein is legally referred to as bulunma referencing..

Advertising Privacy Policy

www.engineerwork.net uses Google Adsense advertising system.
This system includes the DoubleClick DART cookie used by Google on ads served on publisher websites displaying AdSense for content ads.
As a third-party vendor, Google uses cookies to serve ads on our site.
Using these cookies, it will serve ads to your users based on their visits to your site and other sites on the Internet.
Users can block the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.
Google uses third-party advertising companies to provide advertising services when it visits our website. These companies may use information (other than your name, address, email address or phone number) from visits to these sites and other websites to show you the advertising of products and services that interest you.
To learn about this application and to find out what your options are for preventing such information from being used by these companies and for more information, please refer to Appendix A of the NAI Self-Regulatory principles for publishers (PDF).

Google AdSense Program Policies

Sites showing Google ads may not include:

Violent content, racial discrimination or violent attitude towards any individual, group or organization
Pornography, adult or mature content
Content related to computer / software piracy
Illegal s and production devices
Profanity and excessive coarse language
Gambling or casino related content
Content related to programs that are paid to users to click on ads or bids, search, browse websites, or read emails
Repeated or irrelevant keywords that are frequently used in the content or code of web pages.
Misleading or deceptive content or design to improve the site's search engine ranking, such as your site's Page Ranking.
Sale or promotion of weapons and ammunition (eg rifles, combat knives, stun guns)
Sale or promotion of beer or hard alcohol
Sale or promotion of tobacco or tobacco products
Prescription sale or promotion
Sale or promotion of copies or imitations of products of special design or trademark value
Sale or presentation of term papers or student articles
Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities or violates the legal rights of others

www.engineerwork.net Google Adsense does not include the above-mentioned issues and practices because it accepts Program policies.
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